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IBM Connections iOS app review from IdoNotes as Episode 125

A walkthrough on the new iOS update for IBM Connections. Watch the full review on YouTube for the first time review.

Before I could even get this out via podcast, many had found the YouTube version and made comments. Go catch up over there to read the threads.

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IBM PureSystems from IdoNotes as Episode 124

From the IdoNotes blog comes episode 124 covering the IBM launch of a large initiative called PureSystems which offers built-in expertise, integration by design and simplified experience.

Expert integrated systems combine the flexibility of general purpose systems, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance tuned to the workload.

Through a demo account, which by all means did not showcase all of the physical capabilities and on demand scaling, it was found to be more of a layer inside of the IBM SmartCloud which was disappointing.

I think some of the message about PureSystems is clear, however much of it is very confusing when you get into PureFlex and PureApplications.

Bunchball founder Rajat Paharia and gamification – IdoNotes Episode 123

Chris Miller sits with the founder and CPO of Bunchball Rajat Paharia to get a behind the scenes look at the user and administrative interfaces.

Bunchball launched a cloud based gamification solution that runs across more products than just IBM Connections including Salesforce and Jive. Nitro for IBM Connections is pretty powerful and competes directly with partner solution Kudos from ISW.

Watch the video for the interview sessions with Rajat before and after the demo in the middle.  I could see this gamification being used inside of email and other tools to drive adoptin of the cool new features.

Note: I just caught I left a remnant logo in there, sorry I will will fix it.

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BlackBerry Today Episode 16 – The Redo (HD)

Happy one year anniversary of BlackBerry Today!  We run through the current news before looking at HD games on the Playbook, translation services and tips surrounding the Playbook and capital letters on the BlackBerry devices with keyboards.

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SxSW Live : 5Degrees and Forecast app reviews

Paul Steel and Chris Miller at SxSW 2012 in Austin, TX sit live in the Samsung Blogger Lounge to cover the apps 5Degrees and Forecast.

We were happy with 5Degrees and impressed with the team that we met while there. They put a lot of effort into the product and have been releasing updates regularly. As for Forecast, we have mixed feelings still as they continue to grow. I think we see more for the app that hasn’t been delivered yet and we hope shows up to have us use it more often.

Do not forget to catch up with all the SxSW app review videos on YouTube from Spiked Studio and Living Life Mobile.

SxSW Live: Isis and Banjo app reviews

Welcome to SxSW 2012 everyone.  We are already deep into countless apps being launched and pitched.  Paul and I are kicking off the mobile app reviews with Isis and Banjo.

Isis really isn’t launching, yet again this year we find out.  Isis is a Near field communication technology providing your mobile device the ability to become a digital wallet.  By being in close proximity to the payment terminal and entering your pin, you can quickly check out.

Other capabilities later would include sharing information and data between devices.  They are working with Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile right now to get this technology out there.  We were a bit shocked to see such a nice display and demo area for them not even being a real product again this year.

Next up was another location based service called Banjo.  This app for iOS and Android hooks into your social networks and alerts you (or not depending on your setting) if someone you know is close by.  It will also see those publicly sharing their location.  See our full review and concerns in the show.