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SxSW 2014 – securing your Social Identity (video replay)

Chris Miller presented Social Identity: Public, Personal & Private at South by Southwest 2014. This session investigates how we expose our social identity, not content, and how to build personas to protect them.

In this recorded session I walk through the definition of social identity and how to split it into personas. I show where we have all made the worst mistakes along the way and how to get out of exposing our social identity.

With the amount of private identity data we share accidentally across the social sites and the amount of public data we use in our private site we open ourselves to security risks. With no tangible benefit in the sharing. Explore this topic with me in the session below.

See the video for the entire recorded presentation.

TheSocialNetworker Episode 14 – Facebook Messages setup and privacy

NOTE: Make sure you listen to TheSocialGeeks Episode 30 that we recorded last night on the same topic.

In this short screencast I walk you through the coming setup for Facebook Messages and what privacy concerns you should have.  Pay special attention to the links below for the direct links to the help files on the new Facebook Messages you will all soon have rolled out.

Everyone should make sure you have selected a custom name on Facebook.  If not, this setup will force you to do so.  The sooner you grab one, the better your chance at getting the name you want.  You can see my personal URL in the screencast or better yet, join my Facebook Network.

Remember, you can find me as IdoNotes across all the networks

TheSocialNetworker Episode 12 – Facebook privacy tool #1

With the recent news of Facebook privacy concerns, holes and changes, some thrid parties have developed tools. In this mini-series I will screencast you through a few tools to help gauge how secure you are in your data on Facebook.

This first tool is from Rabid Gremlin and is simply called Privacy Check.

You can visit the original source to see it in larger mode online.  Or feel free to subscribe!

Another Spiked Studio Production

TheSocialNetworker Episode 10 – New Facebook privacy setting walkthrough

With the recent announcements Facebook has made, they decided you need to share pictures, your profile and more personal information more than ever.  The new default would begin sharing this information immediately if you do not take the right steps.  Watch this quick 2 minute walkthrough of the new prompt for a better understanding and then visit SocialStalking for more detailed breakdown of the different areas.

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TheSocialNetworker is a Spiked Studio Production