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TheSocialNetworker Episode 37 – Little Bird with Marshall Kirkpatrick

Watch the interview with Marshall Kirkpatrick for background and a walk through on Little Bird that launched in 2011.  This Twitter tool helps you quickly find and analyze who the top experts are, including their social graph and interaction with each other, based on keywords you select.

Watch the video and see the original post on TheSocialNetworker for more information.

What I found, as shown in the video, was an interesting filtered approach to looking at what you would once consider Twitter searches. You would then manually sort through the results looking for interesting people to follow or hope to gain their attention.  Little Bird does all of this for you and then correlates the experts (or insiders as they are called in the application) to show newest, oldest, most followed and most active experts on Twitter in a tabbed report format.  You are able to reply, retweet and favorite results as you would expect.

We reviews hundreds of tools on EverythingTwitter, each with their own unique target.  Little Bird aims to be a solution for companies (individuals are welcome to use the service) to find experts they can interact with across Twitter and strengthen relationships and even leverage their social graph. Knowing and graphing what experts follow each other is something I have not seen in other tools.

The site itself is currently in beta and you can easily get a free 14 day trial to see how it works and begin building reports. Head over to Little Bird to get your account and tell Marshall I sent you

TheSocialNetworker Episode 29 – Twitter application security

I was recently bitten by an application I previously authorized against my Twitter account sending out some tweets I did not agree with.  This prompted me to review my application security setting inside of Twitter.  It opened my eyes into just how trusting we are, and shouldn’t be.

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In the video I walk you through where to check what applications have access to your Twitter account and what access rights you have given.

TheSocialNetworker Episode 25 –

I gave the site a few months to run through early beta before digging in with this screencast. is a social sidebar for Google mail that allows you to get social data on those you are interacting with. It pulls Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn at the time of the screencast into a sidebar in the Gmail interface.  (It does only work as a free extension to Google Chrome and Firefox as extensions.)

I found a few UI issues along the way, but nothing to call a show stopper. Plus this is still a beta product with room to grow and take over what was a space for Gist before they were bought by Research In Motion (BlackBerry).  The service includes seeing:

  • inline updates
  • it’s own menu on the left navigation
  • reminders
  • a global address book feature
  • new contact alerts

I am eager to see how they evolve and add new social services into the product.  Their feature request list in the FAQ listed Skype and even Google Voice on the wishlist.  So give them a shot and see what you think.  Did I mention it is free?

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TheSocialNetworker Episode 19 – Greplin social search

Greplin is a new search engine that only looks against your own private social data. Developed by a small and young founder, it looks against all of the data that Google never sees. In this screencast I walkthrough setup, adding accounts and my opinion of data security.

You can also watch this in HD and all the network videos on the Spiked Studio Productions channel on YouTube

Greplin was brought to me as a review site with the added question of data security.  Using oAuth, the service pulls your data from a list of public services (see the screencast) and immediately begins to index the data found.  So the initial steps do not disclose your login information, with the flexibility of oAuth.  However, you are exposing personal data across as many networks you connect.

All of the site access is done via SSL, a great first step. However, once you trust your data, you must make the login into Greplin as secure in password quality and strength as you would use for your Google email, apps and even LinkedIn.

How the data is stored by Greplin is not covered in their FAQ, nor was found anywhere else on the site. I would like to see this added in to provide a better sense of comfort.

Outside of that, the service itself was very fast and responsive.  New search abilities are being added.  The prebuilt features did give some immediate benefit of things or associations I may have missed previously.  My test search for iPad in the screencast even turned up come results I missed over time.

The goal of the site is to provide a single search source, fully indexed and finely tunable.  I would hope that eventually they bring the ability to act on something found in search. For example, if I find a Twitter posting result, I could click and retweet, reply or star. The same for email, LinkedIn data and even items I bookmarked into Evernote.

This is a promising service I intend to use as service is expanded, search capability is extended and data storage privacy policies are listed.  Go visit Greplin today.

TheSocialNetworker Episode 13 – Seesmic Desktop 2 screencast

Seesmic launched version 2 of their desktop software, with a plug-in architecture included.  I walk through these are in the screencast:

  • setup
  • account management
  • options
  • the interface

and more in this less than 8 minutes.  Learn what I think and if it is worth you switching your existing client to.

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