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Peanut by Sen.se – product review |CES2017

Sense GuardPeanut and ThermoPeanut

Sen.se sent over two of their four peanuts, the ThermoPeanut and GuardPeanut. The name simply comes from the shape and look of the Bluetooth device. All of the Sense Peanut devices are made to be simple to use and also utilize the same application giving you a single dashboard to work with any variation.  You also have nine Peanut colors to choose from, all under $30 USD.

Each Peanut is thin in height and Bluetooth connected to your device. So a device being in range to collect data or get alerts for any of them is important. Each Peanut can also make audible noises and alerts on their own giving them some independence if you leave range. That is especially important on the GuardPeanut.

A Peanut can store data for up to 15 days, but you can have multiple devices sharing a login collecting data. You can have as many Peanuts collecting data in the application, but the device you choose will dictate how many it can collect from at once. Each Peanut comes with a clip holder, ring and some sticky tape for carrying and placement options.

Wistiki Bluetooth tracker review | CES2017

To stand out in this heavy Bluetooth tracker market, Wistiki went for design, look and style. Wistiki tasked designer Philippe Starck to make that tracker.  He succeeded with three designs for Wistiki under the names aha!viola!, and hopla!. Each is unique in shape with shared color schemes.

While I tried to imagine what it would look like before opening the package or viewing the website, I still was not prepared. It just looks stunning. Time will tell how long the body holds up to bangs and drops though.

Wistiki Viola case

After a successful Kickstarter, they went into production targeting a unique need with each of the three styles. I was able to test the voila! in yellow. I immediately liked the packaging and found the device to resemble a USB stick or small pack of gum, with an amazing esthetic look and quality.  The stainless steel body does model itself after some USB vendors. While the yellow tip was not removable it gave a clear view of the actual tracker device inside.  There is only one small indent on the body that activates the Wistiki. More on that in a moment.

BlackBerry Today Episode 17 – Does Angelina Come With It? (HD)

The news and topics list was long and Chris and Kathy humorously look at the following:

  • BlackBerry World just completed and the news of version 10 and devices with no keyboards rocked many attendees.  We give our opinions of the new device announcements.
  • Chris and Kathy had issues with the updated Playbook OS that came out, listen in to see what they were (hint it also involved video).

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  • Foursquare updated for BlackBerry, among other apps, and location service stil blows
  • GPS in general still has issues on some devices and even settings are different between them
  • The new virtual keyboard video we mention in the show for OS 10
  • Where did version 8 and 9 of the OS go?
  • Time shifting for photos in OS10
  • Free apps for OS7 users worth $77 in AppWorld
  • We review BeWeather for OS7 and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light for the Playbook
  • Tips include battery savings with the locak key and Bluetooth

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