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Neptune Pine Smartwatch CEO interview – CES 2014

While at CES 2014 I had the chance to interview Simon Tian, CEO of Neptune Computers, about the features of the Pine Smartwatch. I previously did the technical interview with their CTO so this was a chance to see working devices and see some demos. It was even more impressive in person and seeing multiple ones working added to the crowd excitement.

Handling and wearing the Pine Smartwatch I got a good feeling for the weight and look on my wrist. Working with the interface was smooth and responsive. We took the time with Simon to get the rest of the specs of this awesome advancement in technology.

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Neptune Pine Smartwatch technical review – CES 2014

Neptune Pine Smartwatch

Spiked Studio got an early look at the Neptune Pine Smartwatch that will be debuting at CES 2014.  We had the chance to interview Aaron Wilkins, CTO. This watch will change how we interact and see mobile technology.

We dig into the specifications of the Neptune Pine Smartwatch and all the features:

– 3G / Quadband / GSM (1:45)
– CDMA (2:05)
– tethering app (3:40)
– it is unlocked (4:00)
– Voice calls and wifi
– bluetooth (4:40)
– battery life (9:40)
– Snapdragon processor (10:20)
– Actual sizing on your wrist (11:40 and 22:10)
– full QWERTY keyboard (12:10)
– Fitness capabilities (13:20)
– GPS (13:40)
– timeline and cost (15:40)
– the watch band (20:45)
– helmet mount (21:30)
– 5MP camera on the back and VGA front camera (21:40 and22:30)
– Android Jellybean (22:15)
– Heart rate monitor (23:40)
– and more..

Watch the video for all the technical specifications of the Neptune Pine Smartwatch and join in on their Kickstarter campaign.