eDiscovery Primer for Domino Administrators | Series 1G


Join William Malchisky,
Effective Software Solutions, as he brings his years of compliance and
eDiscovery skills to a webcast.   Bill has extensive experience in this
topic and has shared it via articles, webcasts and live presentations.
 We are happy to have him cover the following:

The need for Lotus admins to assist across intra-company teams while
ensuring regulatory compliance is increasing. Whether your firm
received a disclosure motion from district attorney, is being sued, or
is concerned about either internal litigation or future actions,
register for this session. Will your company be ready? Are your
response measures taking too long? Will you be able to meet your goals?
Join Bill as he provides a brief foray into the area of compliance and
data management while providing tips to enhance your implementations.
If you’ve never thought about this topic, or are having internal
discussions, tune-in for some exciting and important information.

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