BlackBerry Today Episode 4 – Dropbox, Dark Galaxy, news and tips (HD)

BlackBerry BlackBerryToday screencast video walkthrough

After a brief retraction (correction) from the last episode, we cover the recent news and announcements before giving you picks of the week.

You can find all the applications, news articles and tips on our BlackBerry Today group bookmarking on Diigo.

Apps of the week:

  • Dropbox
  • Dark Galaxy

Tips of the week:

  • Protect your BlackBerry with gelskins
  • Confirm message delivery

You can contact us any of the following ways:

  • Phone 443-BBTODAY
  • Twitter us @BBerryToday
  • email

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3 thoughts on “BlackBerry Today Episode 4 – Dropbox, Dark Galaxy, news and tips (HD)

  1. I realize this might sound snarky, but I’m genuinely curious:  Why would I want to watch “Blackberry Today” on my iPhone?  How many people use both devices?  Am I the weird one in thinking that anybody with more than 1 cell phone / pager is probably a drug dealer?

    -ok I admit it -that last question was a bit snarky 😉

  2.  Great question that we had to face and there are a couple answers.  We publish one feed for the Playbook in HD format.  The iPod/iPhone/iPad will not play that feed.

    The second part is that you may very well have an ipad or iPod and manage or have a BlackBerry phone, that has nothing to do with an iPhone, and watch all your podcasts there.  That is why we syndicate across BlackBerry Podcast app, YouTube, iTunes, Vimeo, Mevio, Bluberry, TechPodcasts and even more.

    One feed for HD and one for anything and everything else.  I know I carry a BlackBerry but also an iPod touch for all my podcasts, games and such that I have had for years.

    We will look into those that carry more than one device and get back to ya

  3. Thank you, Chris!
    This tip about is most valuable and solved a problem I had just the day, I was seing your Podcast.

    Linked you here on our website – be careful, its german 😉

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