BlackBerry Today Episode 12 – Deep Sleep (HD)

BlackBerry BlackBerryToday Podcast

We introduce you to the new studio while Kathy covers the news of RIM delaying the devices with the new OS version. Hint: It is not BBX. We then run through a list of news, applications and tips this episode as cries cries over his temporary device:

  • Twitter for BlackBerry updates with multi account support
  • More thank you apps from RIM for the outage and our thoughts
  • Nobex radio
  • Ugly Christmas sweaters avatar builder
  • Playbook OS update
  • BlackBerry World 3.1 launches and all the new features
  • BBM Music leaves free and enters subscription
  • WhatsApp
  • QR Code Scanner Pro
  • Manage your desktop panels in OS6 and 7
  • How long you should really charge your battery

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