CES 2014 Geonaute 360 Camera

Interview with Geonaute 360 Degree Camera – CES 2014

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I had the opportunity to interview the Geonaute 360 Camera product manager, Justin Schneller, at CES 2014. We talk about the Geonaute capabilities including the three 8 megapixel cameras, their custom software and how they fit mounts from GoPro cameras.

The Geonaute 360 Camera compact design has a micro-Sd card slot, video resolution 2048×1024 at 25 fps. The camera can do 360 degree shots in video, photo, burst and timelapse, helmet mounts, tripod mounts and more are available. The entire size is 1.65″ by 2.83″ and is light enough for even helmet mounts.

The GEONAUTE is designed to be subjected to extreme conditions. It is robust and IPX7 rated, can be submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Dongle included you can use the device, even in the most extreme conditions

The ability to interact with Geonaute 360 Camera videos on a tablet, using their software, gives you full 360 degree control using either your fingers or the gyroscope to move around the view. You can also flatten the video and upload to sites like YouTube. We got to play with the viewing software in the above video review. You can even zoom in and out, pan and flatten.  It was amazing and they have a great demo video on their website.

A unique ability to shoot the GEONAUTE 360 records a standard MP4 video format. The files are ready to be viewed directly after downloading using the free Geonaute Studio.There is no need to post-recording editing!

Pre order now at http://www.geonaute.com/ while they are offering discounted prices.

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