Kinivo 710UC USB-C Hub

Kinivo 710UC USB-C Hub review

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The Kinivo 710UC USB-C Hub is a Swiss Army Knife of ports and capabilities with USB-C, HDMI, USB 3.0 and SD and TF slots.

Kinivo 710UC USB-C Hub

I was anxious to receive this soon after I got a new Macbook for work. I needed a way to have multiple monitors, read memory cards for pictures and charge all while maximizing port usage and charging the laptop. The Kinivo 710UC did just that and more.

Kinivo 710UC HDMI port

I first tested the HDMI port by connecting a 4k monitor to expand screen real estate. I do not do games, just daily work and some 4k streaming videos. The laptop saw the monitor immediately and I received excellent quality and refresh rates.

The USB-C charging was a great added benefit for connecting phones and other devices. I also tested this by connecting the USB C Macbook charger from the wall and then the Kinivo 710UC USB-C Hub into the Macbook. I got enough pass thru charge with no drops. It did get slightly warm but not enough to be a problem.

Kinivo 710UC USB ports

On the side of the Kinivo 710UC USB-C Hub is three USB 3.0 ports I used simultaneously with success as well. I was able to copy files between two ports using the Macbook to move them and got excellent speed. It was able to negotiate USB 3.0 and down to 2.0 when needed for older drives I connected to get data.

Kinivo 710UC SD TF ports

The card readers on the 710UC performed as expected; easily. I pulled an old TF card for testing and multiple SD cards and all got excellent read speeds (no I did not sit there and use tools to time it, I went with reasonable responses as a user). The cards were easy to get in an out of the slots and the Macbook saw them each time on insert.

Overall, the Kinivo 710UC USB-C Hub is the perfect weight (under 4 ounces) and size to slip into your laptop bag, hook to your phone or sit behind your laptop on your workspace.

Disclaimer: The links are Amazon affiliate links and I really did need this for my daily workday so I debated many options before choosing this one.

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