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Jounce.AI : Revolutionizing Copywriting


Are you a copywriter looking for a new way to up your game? Do you love the idea of technology-driven creativity? If so, you’re in luck! I had the opportunity to start testing and using Jounce.AI, the newest AI-powered copywriting platform that’s streamlining the way I create content.

Where and How Do I Access Jounce.AI?

When I first entered the Jounce.AI interface, which is a cloud-based copywriting platform currently accessed from the browser, I was able to immediately start using Jounce’s template driven solutions. The platform can generate content from scratch, or you can use its editing tools to tweak existing content to make it your own voice and have the AI help make the tone engaging. Jounce.AI also offers a wide range of templates, with over seventy templates at the time of this writing.

How Does Jounce.AI Work?

Jounce.AI uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to generate content quickly and accurately. AI Copywriting was very enticing, but quite the trusting leap to me. For my testing, I took immediate use of the video description template, the blog into template and many SEO templates.

I continued to tweak my inputs using their templates until I received the majority of the output I wanted. I then added my voice and small changes saving my enormous amount of time I usually spent copywriting. In the video above, I show how your outputs can regenerated, thrown away or finally be saved to your documents view.

All of the formatting tools are also available in the toolbar. Text color, headings and all the other normal text editor tools make the tuning of the output quick and easy to copy into other platforms. You can embed images (I did not look to see if video linking was included yet now that I think about it) and provide blockquotes and dividers.

Say Goodbye to Tedious Copywriting

At this time, Jounce.AI is just coming out of private beta and is building their pricing models. If you spend any amount of time each month creating content and copywriting, there will likely be a model that fits your needs. I have a handful of beta invites left to give out if you read this far down the review. I can say that Jounce has already saved me a few hours of time for my YouTube channel, building quality SEO information and forming blog titles.

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