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obVus Minder Bluetooth Keyboard with Trackpad (Mousepad) review | CES2023

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obVus Minder is a keyboard and mousepad (trackpad) that is Bluetooth and compact foldable. We were able to see and test this after CES 2023. See our feedback and video review.

We enjoyed the long battery life, features of the trackpad and haptic feedback in the keyboard. We look at the setup, function and ease of use in this product review. You can find the obVus Minder on Amazon (affiliate link below) or on their website directly.

obVous Minder on Amazon

obVus.me website

As a side note, here is the link to the iPad case that I use as many have asked about it. It comes in colors and has the iPad pen holder built in https://amzn.to/3XEeFma

See the full video review below of the obVus Minder Bluetooth Keyboard with Trackpad.

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