BlackBerry Today Episode 11 – Can You Hum Into It? (HD)

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This was an extra long episode (50 minutes) due to the approaching holiday season! In the news we talk about the recent Playbook OS update, RIM announcing management tools for Android and iOS, the removal of the GMail app for BlackBerry, BlackBerry Music Launch and more.

For app picks, Kathy chose Shazam Encore and Chris chose Vlingo (because Kathy made him). We also talk about the new free applications Research In Motion launched as part of their outage rebate.

As promised we also have the link for the FatCat Power Card we discusss and show off. It is a must have spare for this Christmas (Amazon affiliate link)

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2 thoughts on “BlackBerry Today Episode 11 – Can You Hum Into It? (HD)

  1. saw your show today and tried out shazam because you said it was good. unless you allow it total access to your device and allow it to use it as it wants to IT WILL NOT WORK. it wanted acess to my personal info and permission to send this info out. i don’t think so. how can you say it was a good thing. i have watched all your shows and have gotten good info, untill now.

    1. We love the app and yes it requests access. The goal from them is they want you to buy songs as you look them up.

      Soundhound does the same thing but takes it a step further to require the Amazon music store to be installed (on Android and iOS).

      We are sorry you didn’t like the access it requested. We both use Shazam but have never had any contact from them.

      Thanks for watching. Episode 12 came out yesterday.

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