BlackBerry 10 Hands-on | BlackBerry Today Episode 21

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Hands-on with BlackBerry 10 live from IBM Connect and Lotusphere 2013. The team was given dedicated hands-on time with the BlackBerry 10 device without the keyboard.  We ran it through it’s paces and give you live hands-on and opinions.

We cover:

  • The look and feel
  • BlackBerry Hub
  • BlackBerry Peek
  • BlackBerry Balance – Work and Personal mode
  • Rememeber
  • Flow
  • Storymaker
  • Native apps
  • BBM video and screensharing
  • Predictive text and throwing words on the screen
  • Multi tasking
  • RIM changing it’s name to BlackBerry officially
  • and more..

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2 thoughts on “BlackBerry 10 Hands-on | BlackBerry Today Episode 21

  1. Nice synopsis! It is a good device to hold–has a weight to it but not heavy. Not flimsy like other devices. Love the Hub.

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