LEONC 65" LED floor lamp

LEONC 65″ LED Floor Lamp Setup & review

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Adding some warmth and accent lighting to the home office was easy with the LEONC 65″ LED Floor Lamp. With an included remote control, wifi compatibility with a companion application, and Alexa or Google Assistant integration it made a great addition right away.

The small packaging surprised me due to the size it would turn out to be at just over 5 feet tall. But the packaging was fantastic and looked great outside and the parts inside. Each bag or box held a part including the inside structure (comes with each piece well labeled), the outside cover and base, the two smart bulbs and the remote.
Note, there were no AAA batteries included for the remote so make sure to have a couple handy.

The light was easy to hook to the remote and to the wifi and downloaded app. I was able to control brightness, warmth and the full color spectrum from the app. The remote lets you choose between the white and some basic color options. I choose to use the app more as a phone is usually close.


Once it was on the wifi I hooked it easily with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice controls and also could create scenes. I have not played with the ability to sync it to music, but splitting the parts of the light into two sets (shown in the video) makes it a great look in the background. Then I can flip it to warm whites for reading or some low light.

Overall, I am thinking of getting another LEONC 65″ LED Floorlamp I like it so much to balance out the room.

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