Seeing Shapes in the Clouds | Series 1k

While investigating numerous cloud solutions, including LotusLive, you need to understand how this fits into your business plans both technically and functionally.  Explore architecture pitfalls from ten years of Lotus software hosting and learn the right questions to ask about data security and retention, geographic location and more.  Understand TCO and ROI while shaping your infrastructure for the cloud. 

Lotus is currently undergoing a major shift to cloud solutions and lines of business need an understanding of the architecture decisions surrounding the multiple directions.  In this session the business cases as well as simplified pictures will be presented from over ten years of Lotus hosting experience. 

Enterprise decisions around implementing Lotus software in the cloud is becoming a hot topic.  This webcast will dive into the following:

  • Defining the difference in hybrid, cloud and on-prem deployments
  • Architecture decisions for cloud deployment
  • Security considerations
  • The right questions to ask the providers
  • Administrative controls
  • Reporting and status