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What does an ECCO Soft 7 Sneaker have to do with CES? Think about the technology to make them and then a pair being sending it over to wear during CES to test the comfort.  I definitely put them to the test walking for days in them before writing this review.  I wanted to see comfort, style and general wear and tear.

The first day with the Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker had me in my doubts that I was gaining any comfort from them. But I was reminded that it takes a few to break in new shoes, no matter what the brand, cost or style. I am happy to say I am glad I waited and tramped on with them.

Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker

They have a leather exterior with leather lining and sizing is easy with both European and US size charts. There were six colors for the Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker to choose from and I went with the gray over white for my review.  They arrived well packaged with the little inserts to keep them stretched out.

One of the things I noticed was the ribbed bottoms. They are quite firm but did give great traction, even on wet pavement and those slick conference floors.  They never did soften up any so I started investigating and learned about ECCO’s Direct Injection Product (DIP) manufacturing. They even made a short video about the process that was cool to learn how much effort they put into making their shoes.

Direct Injection Process a process where the upper is placed into the mould, and liquid polyurethane (PU) is injected to shape the and anatomically correct midsole and / or outsole. Robot precision ensures a consistent quality regardless of the production location.

While I have only had these a month, to be transparent, the leather has kept up well.  The white trim around the bottom took some scuffs and marks right away. There is really no way around it unless you walk being forever aware of everything you may bump into.  Four of the six Soft 7 Sneakers have the white trim. So keep that in mind or pick up something to give them a good scrub if you like the pure white trim look like I do.

The insert is removable and has their trademarked Comfort Fibre System. This allowed you to easily replace the insert with some of their replacements to keep the shoe feeling fresh and comfortable. the shoe design is a bit more narrow from heel to instep and wider at the toes. I found it gave more comfort while being tight enough in the right places to not slide.

Digging around I found that the Soft 7 shoe from Ecco does come in mens and womens sizes.  You can get them directly from ECCO website or via Amazon (affiliate link) in a range of prices across the styles and colors.

Overall, I look forward to wearing these now that I broke them in after a few wears. They have retained their look and feel after miles of walking at conventions and around downtown. The leather looks great and people do compliment the look of the shoe.  I just have to keep that white shining.

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