Top 3 Trends at CES2024

Top 3 Trends at CES 2024


As we started planning our CES 2024 weeklong coverage, the exhibitor categories showed not only the emerging markets, but also the blending of trends. Here are our Top 3 Trend picks for CES 2024.

Discover how AI is revolutionizing our daily lives with smart home devices, virtual assistants, and autonomous vehicles. Learn about the advancements in wearable technology that are reshaping the way we monitor our health, track fitness, and interact with our surroundings. Experience the future of transportation as we explore the exciting developments in electric vehicles, from sleek and eco-friendly cars to sustainable charging solutions.

The blend of AI into the EV market looks promising as they help streamline charging and inside the cars. AI is also being introduced into tons of wearable tech. We saw numerous AI integrations in wearable medical, health, fitness and even adult safety devices. Side note, even the sexual toy market introduced AI into their products and were not afraid to show it off at CES 2024.

See the video for our quick walkthrough and we will validate all of this at the end of CES 2024.

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