Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker

ECCO Soft 7 Sneaker review | CES2017

What does an ECCO Soft 7 Sneaker have to do with CES? Think about the technology to make them and then a pair being sending it over to wear during CES to More »

PhoneSuit Journey Ultra 5000mAh charger

PhoneSuit Journey Ultra 5000mAh charger review | CES2017

PhoneSuit was present at CES2017 with a new line of products including the Journey Travel Charger Ultra 5000mAh . With built in micro-USB and lightning cables, plus an additional USB port for More »

Sense GuardPeanut and ThermoPeanut

Peanut by – product review |CES2017 sent over two of their four peanuts, the ThermoPeanut and GuardPeanut. The name simply comes from the shape and look of the Bluetooth device. More »

Wistiki Bluetooth tracker review | CES2017

To stand out in this heavy Bluetooth tracker market, Wistiki went for design, look and style. Wistiki tasked designer Philippe Starck to make that tracker.  He succeeded with three designs for Wistiki under the More »

AcousticSheep SleepPhones Classic

AcousticSheep SleepPhones Classic headphones review – CES 2014

From AcousticSheep comes SleepPhones, the “pajamas for your ears”. These are headphones designed as a sleek and soft headband to be worn at night and while you fall sleep. I review the More »

Pioneer WeGo2 portable DJ Controller review – CES 2014

Pioneer WeGo2 DJ Controller

I was able to review with the Pioneer WeGo2 DJ Controller while at CES 2014. This compact four pound device contains all the controls you need to make that party portable.


I was impressed with the the functionality, connection options and flexibility of this Pioneer WeGo2 portable DJ device as we walked through the features.

The Pioneer WeGo2 comes in three colors (white, black and red) and has Lightening connector for the new iPad and iPhones. The Jog FX allows DJs to combine multiple effects and use them together.

Weighing in at 4 pounds the Pioneer WeGo2 is easily portable for every level of DJ skill. There is also free DJ software bundled called Virtual DJ LE to get you started.

Check out the Pioneer WeGo2 Portable DJ Controller and other Pioneer DJ gear on Amazon.

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Interview with Geonaute 360 Degree Camera – CES 2014

I had the opportunity to interview the Geonaute 360 Camera product manager, Justin Schneller, at CES 2014. We talk about the Geonaute capabilities including the three 8 megapixel cameras, their custom software and how they fit mounts from GoPro cameras.

The Geonaute 360 Camera compact design has a micro-Sd card slot, video resolution 2048×1024 at 25 fps. The camera can do 360 degree shots in video, photo, burst and timelapse, helmet mounts, tripod mounts and more are available. The entire size is 1.65″ by 2.83″ and is light enough for even helmet mounts.

The GEONAUTE is designed to be subjected to extreme conditions. It is robust and IPX7 rated, can be submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Dongle included you can use the device, even in the most extreme conditions

The ability to interact with Geonaute 360 Camera videos on a tablet, using their software, gives you full 360 degree control using either your fingers or the gyroscope to move around the view. You can also flatten the video and upload to sites like YouTube. We got to play with the viewing software in the above video review. You can even zoom in and out, pan and flatten.  It was amazing and they have a great demo video on their website.

A unique ability to shoot the GEONAUTE 360 records a standard MP4 video format. The files are ready to be viewed directly after downloading using the free Geonaute Studio.There is no need to post-recording editing!

Pre order now at while they are offering discounted prices.

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Neptune Pine Smartwatch CEO interview – CES 2014

While at CES 2014 I had the chance to interview Simon Tian, CEO of Neptune Computers, about the features of the Pine Smartwatch. I previously did the technical interview with their CTO so this was a chance to see working devices and see some demos. It was even more impressive in person and seeing multiple ones working added to the crowd excitement.

Handling and wearing the Pine Smartwatch I got a good feeling for the weight and look on my wrist. Working with the interface was smooth and responsive. We took the time with Simon to get the rest of the specs of this awesome advancement in technology.

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Audio Technica Sonic Fuel ATH CKX7iS review – CES 2014

The Audio-Technica Sonic Fuel ATH-CKX7iS headphones for your Smartphone as a great fitting and excellent sounding headset. With the numerous size inserts and hooks provided they will fit any ear.

The sound from the Audio-Technica Sonic Fuel ATH-CKX7iS headphones was excellent and the noise cancellation of background sounds when using the microphone was great on all test calls. It successfully cancelled out background car noise, most normal volume music and even downtown sidewalk sounds.

The only issue we had with the Audio-Technica Sonic Fuel ATH-CKX7iS headset was the placement of the microphone. It was on the back of the volume control and when it hung away from your mouth it lost considerable volume and even broke up your conversation due to the noise cancellation.

We also wished the identifier for which side was for which ear was easier to read or see. A few people we handed the headset to could not find it.  Watch the video for more of our thoughts.

See more from Audio-Technica at CES 2014 and get your hands on the headsets right here on Amazon.


Neptune Pine Smartwatch technical review – CES 2014

Neptune Pine Smartwatch

Spiked Studio got an early look at the Neptune Pine Smartwatch that will be debuting at CES 2014.  We had the chance to interview Aaron Wilkins, CTO. This watch will change how we interact and see mobile technology.

We dig into the specifications of the Neptune Pine Smartwatch and all the features:

– 3G / Quadband / GSM (1:45)
– CDMA (2:05)
– tethering app (3:40)
– it is unlocked (4:00)
– Voice calls and wifi
– bluetooth (4:40)
– battery life (9:40)
– Snapdragon processor (10:20)
– Actual sizing on your wrist (11:40 and 22:10)
– full QWERTY keyboard (12:10)
– Fitness capabilities (13:20)
– GPS (13:40)
– timeline and cost (15:40)
– the watch band (20:45)
– helmet mount (21:30)
– 5MP camera on the back and VGA front camera (21:40 and22:30)
– Android Jellybean (22:15)
– Heart rate monitor (23:40)
– and more..

Watch the video for all the technical specifications of the Neptune Pine Smartwatch and join in on their Kickstarter campaign.

BlackBerry Z10 iz ok | BlackBerry Today Episode 23 (SD)

After two months with the BlackBerry Z10 on Verizon it seems that Chris is finally ready to give his impression of performance, apps, usability, keyboard and anything that comes to mind.

The BlackBerry Z10 and OS 10 is a powerful device. We dig into the pros and cons of using it for two months. We discuss the apps found in Blackberry World and also lack of some we expected. Kathy shares the awesome soccer apps Goal and the Chelsea official club team application.

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We look at side loading Android applications, like Instagram, on to the Z10 and finish with tips.

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